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The problem

The new SharePoint 2013 Workflow engine doesn’t provide many OOB activities, especially when it comes to assign unique permissions.

The solution

We've fixed it using HttpSend activity that makes REST API calls and encapsulated it in several activities we'd like to share with SP community.

A detailed description of REST API methods used here can be found there

Our approach fully supports SharePoint Online - Apps can use activities and Sandbox solution actions can be used in SharePoint Designer 2013.

Project News

  • 30.07.2014 - Actions for SharePoint Designer 2013 are added. They are based on activities for Visual Studio released earlier. Actions can be deployed to SharePoint Online (Office 365) as they are deployed as a No Code Sandbox Solution.

Activities / Actions

  • GetRoleDefinitionId - gets role definition id using role definition name. Please take into account that role definition names are localized.
  • GetRoleDefinitionIdByRoleId - gets role definition id using SPRoleType enumeration value.
  • AddRoleAssignment - assigns the specified role definition to the specified principal id using or not break role inheritance option.
  • AddRoleAssignments - assigns the specified role definition to the specified principal id collection using or not break role inheritance option.
  • DeleteRoleAssignments - removes principals specified by ids from role assignment collection of the specified object.
  • ResetRoleInheritance - resets role inheritance of specified securable object and inherits role assignments from the parent securable object.

More details:

How to use

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